To unite and empower music and sound professionals

Signal is a gathering of creative minds, producers, artists and inspirational pros who seek a new way to work, learn, share experience and support each other. 

Unleash Your Creativity 

Connect, collaborate, share knowledge and learn from industry leaders inside a private and curated online space. Here we dedicate time to the deeper side of being a professional creator and the skills that drive success and fulfillment.

  • Learn and access the latest enabling technologies.
  • Learn to unlock more creativity and more potential.
  • Learn about the future of the industry and find new opportunities from beyond your vantage point.

The online community is your access to Signal events, workshops, webinars and exclusive content.

Continuing our Mission Online

Signal began as one of the largest music and sound hubs in the world with over 25 studios, work and event space. It's currently a thriving community of top companies and creators in the industry. We are actively connecting other physical spaces and professional communities in Toronto and around the globe.

We've built this online network to continue our mission of supporting creators beyond physical space. As founders and with our community, our industry tentacles run deep. With this online network our mission is to unite us together and gather more insights, tools, tactics and opportunities to help you thrive in our industry through today's challenges and beyond!

Join Us!

If you are an industry pro or aspiring to be, please join us. We will be constantly looking at how we can grow and evolve to serve the needs of the community.